Saturday 31 October 2015


The ever changing environment and day to day stress starting from the childhood for securing higher grades leading up to the never ending demands of the boss pushing for more.

Everyone today is either already been affected by some or the other type of medical condition or is at the high risk of developing one. The major sufferer is the health of an individual, which affects the individual’s quality of life and hampers the growth of the nation too. But thanks to the professionals involved in the health services that we are constantly able to manage our health and stay fit.

Clinical Research plays an important role in offering us the solutions to our health challenges with safe drugs and devices. Scientists conduct Clinical trials, a research study that tests how well an intervention works in a group of people. It tests for new methods of screening, prevention, diagnosis or therapy. Clinical trials are conducted in different phases, during which additional information is learned about an intervention, its risks, and its effectiveness and/or efficacy.

Each study answers scientific questions and helps scientists prevent, screen for, diagnose, manage, and treat a disease. People who take part in clinical trials contribute to the knowledge of how a disease progresses. In the last few years Clinical Research has gone through several changes. Thanks to the new regulations over the past few years, which has proved beneficial for trial participants as it has strengthened ethical processes, improved subject safety and suitable compensation globally. India too with its huge population size and patient pool, is fast becoming the hub for many important clinical trials by global pharma giants.

Scientists and medical community need to make sure the ‘Patient Safety First’. The days like “INTERNATIONAL CLINICAL TRIALS DAY” give us the time to think on our health and ponder on what is being done For Healthy Us.

By Sapna Sharma
M.Phil. - Biochemistry
Senior Manager- Academics & Training CLINIMINDS

Monday 19 October 2015

Ayush ministry of India has recently started conducting Clinical Trials of various Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines to impart more authenticity to traditional medicines.

In order to establish the credibility of traditional Indian therapies it is important to prove their effectiveness standards at the International level, which will only happen if we have more data to back them.