Monday 15 January 2018

How pharma data / business analytics are helping pharmaceutical companies?

Case Study:
A top pharmaceutical company was interested to develop a medicine for diabetes, and for which it wanted to asses and identify attractive patient segments.

Secondary research was undertaken to understand current diabetes treatment guidelines and therapy landscape, to identify patient segments. Following this trial analysis was undertaken to identify upcoming trends and molecules in different patient segments of diabetes. The molecules and trends were further analyzed to ascertain their expected relevance on the diabetes landscape through clinical data and benchmark analysis. Key trends analyzed during the study were related to epidemiology, pricing, regulatory activities, and market access regulations across geographies. These findings were further validated through an intense primary research involving key opinion leaders, payers, physicians and regulatory bodies. The all inputs from primary and secondary research with collated together and analytical tools, such as PESTLE, SWOT, ANSOFF and 5 WHY’s were used to generate insights out of the information. Final report clearly laid out “WHERE TO PLAY” and “HOW TO PLAY” strategic options within diabetes.

Project helped client to clearly understand the development opportunities within diabetes and design development plan for molecule as per plan.

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