Thursday, 8 March 2018

PvPI to include vector borne disease as part Pharmacovigilance for Public health

Pharmacovigilance programme of India (PvPI), soon to include diseases caused in tropical climate, vector borne diseases like malaria and dengue, tuberculosis and HIV- AIDS as part the Pharmacovigilance for public health. The programme would be soon incorporated by all South East Asian Regulatory Network (SEARN) member countries.

When carrying out pharmacovigilance activities for the above targeted diseases, a common questionnaire has been developed by the  WHO for SEARN countries.

The PvPI would now have an added responsibility of updating adverse drug reaction database on Vigiflow based on the reports received from other SEARN centres.
This indeed shows a remarkable progress of our country- INDIA in translating pharmacovigilance for better patient safety.

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